The long-term vision of Living Springs Village as an organization is one of sustained positive care for each one of our residents as well as peace of mind for their family members.

Dear Applicant,

We appreciate your interest in being associated with Living Springs Village. We are seeking licensure as a Type B Assisted Living Facility with an Alzheimer’s Certification. We will care for 16 residents who will each be dealing with Alzheimer’s or some other type dementia. Our residents will live here, and we will have three shifts of employees in a 24 hour period to see that our residents’ needs are met around the clock.

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This residence is locally owned, and we intend to build our reputation for Living Springs Village as being the best in caring for those residents entrusted to us. Therefore, we are looking for the very best employees to build the Living Springs Village Team. Here are some things to know about Living Springs Village’s hiring process if you wish to apply for employment:

Our residents and their families will be dealing with ongoing challenges and loss due to the progressive nature of dementia. Our staff will need an extra portion of compassion, patience and love–as well as excellent skill levels, to be the right fit for Living Springs Village. The employee we are looking for is the person who wants more “than just a job”.

Living Springs Village is a non-smoking facility, so all employees will be expected to abide by the no-smoking policy while in the residence and on the grounds of Living Springs Village.

Living Springs Village is required to run a criminal history check, a Nurses’ Aide Registry Search, and an Employee Misconduct Registry Search before extending any offer of employment. If you are currently licensed or have a certification, a check to ensure that your license and/or certificate are in good standing will also be conducted. Drug screening is also conducted at no cost to the potential employee as part of the hiring process and during ongoing employment as deemed appropriate.

Living Springs Village requires proof of a current TB test; if you do not have a current TB test, we will provide the TB test at no cost to you. Hepatitis B and Influenza/Flu vaccinations are also required unless there is an exemption that is appropriate. If you wish to take the Hep B vaccination, our facility covers the cost; however, you are responsible for the cost of the influenza vaccine. Applicants extended an offer of employment will be allowed a specific time-frame to submit verification of these vaccinations.

This facility pays on the 15th and the last day of each month by direct deposit, so a bank account is necessary.

If you have any questions, please call 254-374-0015.

We welcome inquiries from qualified staff. Please respond to us below.

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Please read carefully the information below before submitting the form.

This is a non-smoking facility and I understand I may not smoke anywhere on the grounds or in the building. Not adhering to this policy will result in immediate termination. If hired, I agree to follow the no-smoking policy.

The facts set forth in my application are true and complete. I understand that if employed, false statements on this application will be sufficient cause for my dismissal.

I give my consent for all employers listed on this application to provide any and all information concerning my employment with them. I release all parties from all liabilities that may result from their disclosure. I also release my personal references listed on this application to provide information regarding my suitability for employment with Living Springs Village.

Authorization to Release Information

I authorize a review and full disclosure of all records to any duly authorized agent of Living Springs Village, whether the records are public or private, including those records deemed confidential.